Dr. Katigo Hatzipateras-Giannoulis


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Katigo Hatzipatera-Giannouli is a certified clinical psychologist and an Affiliate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She holds a BA (Hons) in psychology, an M.Sc. in clinical psychology from the University of Surrey and is a Ph.D. of the University of London.

He has been dealing with neuro-developmental disorders for more than 30 years and in particular with the autism spectrum. At the same time, it provides psychological support to adults, teenagers and children for issues such as, among others:- emotional problems (e.g. as a result of bullying), depression, stress and anger management, development of self-confidence and social skills.

Dr. Hatzipatera-Giannouli is a co-founding member of the program “Our Team” and has its scientific supervision. At the same time, she is responsible for the educational material taught in the program as well as the supervision of the progress of the individuals in the group.